Stranded Muni Riders Throw Rocks at Buses

Muni passengers revolted against the transit agency hurling rocks — and curses — at drivers who left them stranded for hours.

At about 3:20 p.m. on Thursday, the Fourth Street Bridge across Mission Creek, a drawbridge, became stuck in the open position — meaning T-trains couldn't cross. Muni was forced to reroute buses, dropping passengers off at the Mission Rock station — and leaving them there for the long haul.

As passengers waited for more buses to come and pick them up, they grew hungry, tired — and angry. As more and more riders were discharged at Mission Rock station, those who had been waiting for more than an hour grew agitated — yelling, screaming, and throwing detritus at bus drivers.

“I know people were upset and at one point started to throw rocks,” said Paul Rose, spokesman for the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

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