Stray Cigarette Burns Down Monterey Marijuana Farm

Fire officials say the blaze started at 4:20 p.m. Draw your own conclusions, people.

There are some awful wildfires in California right now, but one recent Monterey County fire was particularly cruel to the kind bud. KSBW reports that a fire consumed half of legal cannabis grow  Loudpack Farms, a multi-greenhouse facility known as “Terp Town,” and the cause of the fire was an improperly disposed-of cigarette.

Greenfield, CA fire chief Jeff Terpstra told KSBW that “Around 4:20, we had reports of fire.” The jokes are writing themselves.

But we can at least look back and laugh, as the evacuation occurred rapidly and all employees got out of the greenhouses safely. Fire personnel say the facility was not equipped with sprinklers, which likely would have inhibited the flames. The damage is estimated at $15 million.

“It’s a tragic thing to happen as a result of a cigarette. But the rest of the investigation really ruled out any other cause,” Chief Terpstra told KSBW. “There was no malicious intent.”

Loudpack Farms spokesperson Jessica Sutton confirmed that smoking was the culprit, but expressed relief that there were no injuries.

“The employee was aware of our no smoking policy and made a poor decision,” Sutton said. “This was an unfortunate incident. But we are moving forward from it and maintaining production at our facility.”

Loudpack Farms is the largest employer in Greenfield, and the cultivator insists that no one will be laid off because of the blaze on the property. The farm has already initiated reconstruction planning, and half of the facility remains intact.

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