Street food fail: Ed Jew's tapioca prison bus

The Crème Brûlée Cart, Bike Basket Pies, Amuse Bouche, the Magic Curry Kart, the Sexy Soup Lady, the Tamale Lady — it seems like you can sell anything outdoors in San Francisco. These are some of the few vendors who couldn't:

• Anthony Bourdain's Fuck You Tacos

• The Testicle Chariot

• Frank Chu's Ruxnegunical Gutsprosenical Phixgrostrenikul Food Product

• The Insect Lady

• Eat at Joe's Dumpster

• Hot Dog Throwing Pete

• Incanto's Anus Tractor

• Chili in your Hand

• Ed Jew's Tapioca Prison Bus

• Filthy Freddy's Found Foods

• Registered Sex Offender's Candy Van

• Aqua's Foie Gras Riot Tank

• Remains of the Burrito

• Barry Bonds' Little Wiener Wagon

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