Supe Hopes Audit of Muni Management Will Be Factor in Budget Battle

With the Municipal Transportation Agency preparing to send hundreds of workers packing and MTA staff advocating for fare hikes and service cuts, Supervisor David Campos has a different idea. Earlier this week, he requested the city's budget analyst undertake a full audit of the city's transit service — its first since 1996 — to see just how well MTA is being run.

Told that could take up to a year, Campos scaled back his plans. On Thursday he told SF Weekly that he's now pushing for a “management audit, a comprehensive performance audit” whose results could be ready before the city finalizes its budget in June.

“From my perspective, when we're talking about an agency that has consistently had budget deficits and very basic issues have been raised in terms of overtime, and whether or not layoffs may be counter-productive and exacerbate existing problems, I think that all points to the need for a performance review,” said Campos. “We're working with the budget analyst to put something together that makes sense and can be done quickly enough it could be useful in deliberating the budget.”

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