Supervisor Norman Yee: How Did This Happen?

It's not commonplace for San Franciscans to squire their out-of-town guests for sightseeing tours to District 7. You don't see pictures of well-manicured lawns or the Tower Market on postcards. People who like to use the term “San Francisco values” aren't thinking of District 7, a place where denizens likely think Dianne Feinstein is doing a heck of a job.

But the vote of the District 7 supervisor counts just as much as his 10 colleagues'. And, in that sense, Norman Yee's apparent victory is a big goddamn deal.

For all the filthy amounts of money poured into the District 1 and District 5 races, and for all the apparent surprise elicited after London Breed's ousting of Christina Olague, the ascendance of Yee, the most progressive of all the credible D7 candidates, is perhaps the biggest shocker of all.

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