Supervisor Suggests Eating Less Meat, FOX Commenters Lose Their Shit

So, FOX Nation seems to have the scoop on a new local government entity: The San Francisco Food Police! It's like the fashion police, but with less telling you not to wear leggings as pants and more telling you to eat local. (But seriously, what WOULD the San Francisco Food Police do?)

The level-headed pundits over at FOX are outraged that Supervisor Sophie Maxwell introduced a resolution to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors urging restaurants, grocery stores, and schools to refrain from serving meat on Mondays. See, Maxwell is a freedom-hating, Communist, vegetarian who wants to take away everyone's meat and make them worship a Pagan God. *

At any rate, the floodgates have been thrown open, and San Francisco hate is pouring forth in the comments. Is the crazy-level awe inspiring? Yes, yes it is.

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