Supervisors Push for Resolution Supporting Alleged Cop Killers

San Francisco Eight, Board of Supervisors, Sophie Maxwell, Eric Mar, San Francisco Police Department, Sgt. John Young, Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider a resolution tomorrow urging that charges be dropped against the “San Francisco Eight,” a group of allegedly violent former radicals who police say are responsible for the murder of San Francisco Police Sgt. John V. Young in 1971.

Supervisor Eric Mar will introduce the resolution during tomorrow's regular board meeting, according to Cassandra Costello, his aide. (The resolution is not currently on the board's agenda.) An aide to Supervisor Sophie Maxwell confirmed that she is co-sponsoring the measure. It is unclear whether other supervisors will attach their names to the resolution, which will likely be voted on next week.

The move is sure to stoke anger among police officers, whose union, the San Francisco Police Officers Association, has actively sought prosecution in the case, which had seen little movement for decades before charges were brought against the men two years ago. A similar resolution of support, narrowly passed this winter by the San Francisco Labor Council, drew a stinging response from police union President Gary Delagnes.

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