Supes Punt on Naming Next Mayor

As expected, San Francisco's Board of Supervisors did not select the city's next mayor today. Instead  the process was continued to Dec. 14 (for the record, this was done on a 9-2 vote with Supervisors Chris Daly and John Avalos dissenting).

The supes did, however, take public comment regarding the matter. And a litany of San Franciscans ambled to the microphone to expound upon what manner of man or woman they'd like to see in charge.

Based on the commentary, our next mayor ought to be mindful of the needs of children, adults, and senior citizens; in favor of the rights of workers and immigrants; cognizant of the needs of business; honest; “not Mickey Mouse”; in favor of workers' rights, not a “commie dirtbag”; and “a gay or lesbian” who “will prioritize our nonprofit sector in San Francisco” (what, half a billion dollars a year isn't prioritization?)

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