Supes' Resolution Links Arrest of Alleged Cop-Killers to Iraq Torture Scandals

Sgt. John V. Young

If leftist supervisors sought to show the world that their sympathy for a group of alleged cop-killers in San Francisco was more than a zany political stunt, they have done themselves no favors with a new resolution that links the men's arrest to the Bush Administration, Guantanamo, and Abu Ghraib.

The resolution, which will be reviewed this afternoon by the supes' Government Audit and Oversight Committee, urges California Attorney General (and presumed 2010 gubernatorial candidate) Jerry Brown to drop all charges. Sponsoring the legislation are supervisors Eric Mar, Sophie Maxwell, Ross Mirkarimi, and Chris Daly.

Expect plenty of blowback on this one from the San Francisco Police Officers Association, whose president, Gary Delagnes, has already proclaimed that supervisors backing the so-called San Francisco Eight are “spitting in the face of every cop in San Francisco.” The men are charged in the 1971 shotgun killing of Sgt. John V. Young during an attack on the Ingleside Police station.

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