Supes Spurn Appeal; Muni Service Cuts Coming in May

A transit activist claiming that Muni and the planning department violated state laws by approving service cuts without an environmental review was given the “nice argument, but you lose” treatment moments ago by the Board of Supervisors. As a result, Muni is now set to move ahead with 10 percent service cuts commencing May 8.*

Predictions of Muni-related ululations of the sort common at MTA Board meetings showed early promise — but withered by the time Supervisor David Campos queried a planning department official “What is your reading of that second sentence in that subsection?” When he later quoted liberally from “section 21.08032 of the public resources code” it became clear this was going to become a very complicated debate about state environmental law and not a maniacal display connecting transit service to workers' revolutions worldwide. Or, at least, there was less of that than usual.

Here's a synopsis of the major points, as simple and readable as we can do it:

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