Supe's Tweet: Hey, I Just Almost Got Killed!

For some legislators, Twitter is a useful means for letting people know that you've passed a bill. This weekend for Supervisor Eric Mar, however, it was a means for letting folks know that he'd almost passed into the great beyond.

While strolling hand-in-hand with his 9-year-old daughter, Jade, to lunch at a favorite restaurant, Mar was nearly flattened by driver who blew through a crosswalk and just kept going:

&Jade this

aftrnoon (sic) were almost run down by a car speeding through the

Balboa/37thAve big yellow-lined crosswalk near Lafayette Elem School

“It was a near miss,” recalls Mar to SF Weekly. “It was starting to drizzle and we were clearly at the big, yellow-lined area near Lafayette School. It seems like they didn't even realize they nearly hit us. They zoomed off without even realizing it — or maybe they just didn't care.”

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