Surprisingly Awesome Development Planned for 18th and Mission

Below-market-rate units, an arts space, and a community childcare center will rise on the corner of 18th and Mission streets.

In a city where politicians fight tooth-and-nail over whether new developments should have 15 or 18 percent of their units below market rate, it’s a rare, unexpected surprise when a proposed building gets everything — top to bottom — right. 

“Right” is a biased term, of course, but in a neighborhood desperate to preserve its cultural history, diversity of residents, and art spaces, the new project planned for 2205 Mission St. couldn’t be more on the nose.

Socketsite dug up the details and highlighted that its current facade — which many may recognize as that strange, curved, wooden building on the corner of 18th and Mission streets — will be preserved as the development is constructed on top.

The current facade of the building, which MEDA purchased last year. (Image: Google)

The proposed development will feature the following: six stories, containing 48 below-market-rate condos (meaning that the units will be for sale, not for rent). The developer, the Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA), is leveraging the state’s Density Bonus Program to build the structure up to 96 feet — 30 feet higher than the site is currently zoned for. Of the 48 units, seven will be dedicated to those making up to 80 percent of the Area Median Income, or $64,550. Six units will be reserved for households making 105 percent AMI, or $84,000, and another six for 130 percent AMI, or around $100,800. 

There’s even something for the anti-car (or pro-public transit) contingent: zero parking. A storage room in the basement will accommodate 63 bikes, but there will not be any vehicle parking on site. 

The plans for 2205 Mission St. are a much-needed breath of fresh air in a neighborhood plagued by massive behemoths that opponents have christened “monsters.” This is one new development that we can wait to see started. 

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