Suspected Mission Bay Wallet Thief Apprehended

The debate on whether the Mission Bay thief who allegedly snagged three wallets from the China Basin Building (including one belonging to an SF Weekly employee) is incredibly crafty/ballsy or incredibly desperate/stupid has come to a close. He's apparently a dumbass, and as of two hours ago, the alleged thief is in police custody.

On Monday last week, a man showed up at our gargantuan office building; in professional attire, and stood out only because of his bright red sneakers and coke-bottle glasses. So when our employee returned from a trip to the kitchenette to find him sitting at her desk, she thought he might be new or lost. “Hi?” she said.

“Oh, hi!” he responded, then jumped out of the seat and fled the building. She noticed immediately that her bag had been tampered with and that her wallet was missing. When she called security, she learned that two other wallets had been stolen from a U.C. San Francisco office nearby, and that a suspect had been caught on camera. Although a building security chased the man down the street, he jumped onto Muni and escaped.

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