Swiss Bank Tells Wikileaks: “Just Kidding!”

Swiss bank Julius Baer has dropped its lawsuit against muckracking Web site Wikilinks. An article in yesterday's Examiner reports that the bank did not give a reason for dropping the suit and reserves the right to refile it. Judge Jeffery White had reversed his decision to disable the site on the previous Friday after hearing arguments from a number of free speech advocates. Among those advocates were San Francisco's Electronic Frontier Foundation. In an excerpt from a statement published on its Web site, the EFF writes:

We're glad to see Julius Baer abandon this ill-conceived lawsuit. The bank was never able to offer satisfactory answers as to why the case should even be heard in a U.S. court, let alone why the First Amendment rights of individuals who wanted access to other materials on the Wikileaks site should be held hostage while the bank tried (futilely) to pull down a handful of disputed documents … attempts to censor material available on the Internet will almost invariably backfire, causing the information to be widely publicized.

What's the legal definition of “boo-ya” ? -Andy Wright

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