Taxpaying Cannabis Deliveryman Branded Snitch for Trying to Get Others to Pay Taxes, Too

Kevin Reed sells medical cannabis. Lots and lots of it. He sells it for $35 for an eighth of an ounce, delivered anywhere in San

Francisco. Why shouldn't he? As the Green Cross delivery service president, Reed pays state taxes and shelled out more than $8,500 to secure a

official San Francisco Medical Cannabis Dispensary license. Now, Reed is

being dubbed a snitch for doing what any other

business owner would do when someone else was breaking the rules: Reed

spoke out.

Reed drew heat when he sent a Jan. 11 letter to city officials complaining that dozens of pot delivery services were openly operating illegally, and not paying taxes, in San Francisco — and had been doing so for a long time time.

Officials at the

Public Health Department knew about the problem, but they haven't been

able to do anything (the department has one-half of one person's full-time

position dedicated to overseeing the city's 25 medical cannabis

dispensaries). So Reed sent a formal

letter requesting that the city take some action. He was thorough enough to send the list of some of the scofflaws' Web sites to the city attorney and the district attorney.

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