Tech Mogul Finally Lands in Jail After Domestic Violence Charges

RadiumOne founder Gurbaksh Chahal will serve six months in jail for severely beating two women in 2014.

After violating probation for a domestic violence sentencing with another case of domestic violence, a once-powerful leader in Silicon Valley will spend the next six months in jail.

Gurbaksh Chahal, who last led advertising company RadiumOne, was taken away in handcuffs at the Hall of Justice on Friday for violating a one-year probation related to a 2013 case of domestic violence. Because a video showing Chahal allegedly kicking and hitting his then-girlfriend 117 times and attempting to suffocate her was seized without warrant, he evaded jail time.

While on probation, a different woman came forward with a similar case also from 2014. Prosecutors called for Chahal’s probation to be revoked, saying he kicked the second victim 10 to 12 times, Bay City News reports.

He was sentenced to one year of jail time by 2016, which 36-year-old Chahal appealed. The state Supreme Court denied to hear his case and, docking time for community service and good behavior, a reportedly teary-eyed Chahal received six months in jail.

“Seeing someone go to jail doesn’t give me satisfaction, but Mr. Chahal had been given every opportunity to change his behavior. Instead he chose to batter at least one additional woman,” said Beverly Upton, executive director of the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium. “Perhaps this timeout will provide an opportunity for him to reflect on the impact he had on these women and the broader community.”

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