TechCrunch: Rewriting Press Releases, Gonzo-Style

A lot of people love (or until recently, loved) TechCrunch. These seem to be people who want to know every last bit of news about the technology business, no matter how trivial, as soon as it breaks; entrepreneurs looking for financing; or venture capitalists looking for startups to invest in. A lot of other people hate TechCrunch, but in that case, it's harder to pin down the reasons. There are just so many to choose from.

Perhaps helping to clarify, though, is this Q&A with TechCrunch writer MG Siegler, who is following his old boss Michael Arrington to Arrington's new venture capital fund — imaginatively called CrunchFund — as a general partner (despite the apparent elusiveness of his finance expertise). Fortune's Dan Primack asked Siegler whether he thinks his time as a tech blogger will help or hinder his work as a VC.

On the plus side, Siegler said, the job he is leaving has helped him hone his “filtering” skills. “At TechCrunch,” he explained, “we would see hundreds of pitches a day — we could not do them all. We had to choose the best.”

For people who dislike TechCrunch, but aren't quite sure why, it might be a revelation to imagine Siegler sorting through a bunch of press releases to decide which of them are worthy of being rewritten.

“So that's why I never read TechCrunch,” they might say. “When it isn't puerile and inane, it's boring as hell.”

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