Tenderloin Shooting Injures One, Shuts Down Streets

Witnesses say a man on a bike shot at a victim on Mason Street before being apprehended by police.

Shots fired shortly before 5 p.m. on Wednesday drew an army of San Francisco Police Department vehicles to the area of Mason and Market streets. At least a dozen police cars surrounded the area, as officers speedily set up caution tape and closed off streets.

Beyond the police line on the first block of Mason, a black Nissan sedan with an Uber sticker in its window sat parked by the curb, the driver’s side door open, and a bullet hole visible under the rear passenger-side window. Officers crawled on their stomachs underneath the vehicle, scouting for evidence. 

Officers investigate a car damaged in the shooting, Nov. 1 2017 (Photo: Jessica Christian)

Nearby, both Mikkeller Bar and Farmer Brown continued as normal — patrons of the latter could be seen through the windows digging into their food. But outside the restaurant, a crowd of onlookers gathered.

“I was over at the phone store, and saw everybody running,” says a man named Rocco, who lives down the block, as he gestures toward the Metro PCS at 923 Market St. “I saw them arguing on the corner. Right there by the car is where the guy got shot. He was laying there, they were cutting his pants off,  he was bleeding and stuff. But he was still coherent.” 

Rafael Gutierrez was in the Mason and Market corner store when he heard the shots, and he has a slightly different version of the story. “The guy on a bike shot someone in the car,” he tells SF Weekly. “That’s what I’m hearing. A drive-by on a bike. But these cops responded good.”

Police stand around a suspect detained on Taylor Street, Nov. 1 2017 (Photo: Jessica Christian)

A block away, on Taylor Street between Turk and Market, half a dozen cops stood around a young man in a baseball cap and a hoodie, handcuffed and sitting on the curb. According to Rocco, the police were still looking for a gun — and several were scouring a public parking lot on the corner for evidence. 

UPDATE, 11/2: SFPD reports that the victim, a 25-year-old man, is suffering from life-threatening injuries in the hospital. The suspect, age 26, and his handgun, have both been apprehended.

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