Tendernob Bunk Bed ‘Pods’ Fetching $60 a Night

Why rent a room when you can rent one of many bunk bed “pods” crammed on top of one another?

Startups are generally more interested in monetizing income equality through “workcations,” “co-working,” and gig economy employment insecurity than they are in solving actual real-world problems like hunger or climate change. Another startup called PodShare, which has been operating in Los Angeles for at least four years, has been offering a dorm-hostel operation by renting out bunk bed pods in what they call a “co-living” arrangement. It looks like PodShare has landed in San Francisco, as SocketSite reports they’re renting out 12 pods nightly in a single converted bedroom and office space on the Tenderloin-Nob Hill street Meacham Place.

You may not know Meacham Place, because it is behind a gate near the corner of Hyde and Post Streets. But we have confirmed SocketSte’s report, as the pods are available on Airbnb for $60 a night.

Couples can also get a “Queen pod” that sleeps two for $80 a night. There does not appear to be any soundproofing on the four Queen pods stacked on top of one another, so there may be some risk you will have to listen to other couples having sex. (Though Vice reported in 2016 that there is no sex allowed in the pods.)

In fairness to PodShare, these bunk bed pods are a little more decked out than you might originally expect. The Airbnb listing says each pod comes with “Washer/dryer in unit,” “Full kitchen with dishwasher, 2 ovens, water filter and stovetop,” and “Office area with 6 individual desks to call your own.” They also say that “Each pod has a personal television, outlets, nightlight, and storage.”

But fairness to your wallet, you can find full-fledged apartments with actual beds in the same neighborhood on Airbnb for roughly the same price, and with a far lower likelihood of bonking your head against the low ceilings of the bunk areas.

According to SocketSite, the Meacham Place pods are operating “without the benefit of any building, group housing, hotel or short-term rental permits.” In accordance with San Francisco strict Airbnb regulations, the site claims that “San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection and Office of Short Term Rentals are now both investigating.”

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