Thanks Again, Meth Head! Ostensibly Crime-Fighting Bill Could Send You To Doctor To Get Simple Cold Pills

“Instant scumbag.”

This was the description a friend had for the behavior changes brought on by an addiction to methamphetamine. It warrants mentioning that his house had just been burglarized by a troop of “instant scumbags” — who saw fit not only to take his valuables but, inexplicably to the non-addled mind, leave multiple deposits in his toilet and fail to flush.

A bill aimed at curbing such behavior passed to the state Assembly earlier this week — but the price of combating malevolent tweekers without poor restroom courtesy may be unduly high.Senate Bill 484 would require doctor's prescription to obtain simple cold pills containing drugs such as ephedrine or pseudoephedrine — key ingredients in meth. Yet it wasn't as if stores were having two-for-one sales on cold pills: San Franciscans with runny noses will be familiar with requirements that you show an ID and buy such pills from behind a drug store counter (unless you want to buy the ephedra-free varieties floating through the store). This wasn't enough?    

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