Thanks For Staying In San Francisco Levi's! Here's a Lawsuit.

On the very day iconic San Francisco-born dungaree empire Levi Strauss said it was staying put in the city, the company received a legal kick in its 501s several hundred miles down the road.

On July 13, a class-action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles against J.C. Penney and Levi's concerning the pants company's subsidiary, Dockers. The plaintiffs claim harks to a 2007 cross promotion in which customers who bought $125 worth of Dockers at Penney's during Father's Day week would supposedly be given a voucher for a round-trip airplane flight. Those with a need to pun could call this a seat-of-your-pants giveaway — sorry — but the plaintiffs indeed allege it to be so.

“Many consumers throughout the United States … paid Defendants $125 for both Dockers clothing and the roundtrip flight that Defendants offered,” quotes the suit. “Unfortunately for these consumers, in almost all cases Defendants either: (1) outright refused to respond to attempts to redeem the 'free' travel offer; (2) obstructed the redemmption with bogus excuses not contemplated by the Promotion's Terms and Conditions; and/or (3) charged valid purchasers undisclosed, unauthorized fees to actually collect the 'free' travel.”

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