Thanksgiving Shit Storm: Packing Them In At SFO

Today is the busiest day of the year at SFO, with 124,000 people expected to push, pull and drag their crabby, luggage-toting asses through its gates, and you can forget about hoping for that seat next to you to remain blessedly empty: airplanes will be running about 90 percent full.

Passengers are being advised to leave the cars at home and take public transportation instead. A note to gift-bearers: do not wrap them, because if “contents cannot be determined” they will be opened, and I'm guessing the last thing you want is to give something nice to the TSA, especially after waiting in security lines for (I'm laughing to myself as I quote the Chronicle here) “seven to nine minutes.”

Have fun with that, travelers.

Airport Security Playmobil by nedrichards on Flickr

— Brian Bernbaum

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