The Bigfoot Press Conference: “It Smelled Dead.”

By Andy Wright

When one attends a press conference whose purpose is to prove the existence of Bigfoot, they do so with a grain of salt. I should have brought the entire container of Morton's with me to Palo Alto today, as the evidence presented by a man named Tom Biscardi and two men from Georgia, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, who claim to have discovered the beast's corpse, can only be described as fakety-fake-fake.

At one point Biscardi sneered at an audience comprised of Bigfoot believers commingled with staffers from CNN and NBC that he would show us all a picture that would prove the corpse was not “a mask sewn on a bearhide.” Biscardi's description actually lent an unwarranted level of believability to the picture. It looked more like a rug with teeth.

The much touted photographic evidence after the jump, with choice quotes!

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