The De-Friending of Gavin Newsom and Eric Jaye

For a number of years, Mayor Gavin Newsom has had a weekly meeting with his “kitchen cabinet” at a sushi restaurant near City Hall to talk politics. A regular attendee of those Monday night pow-wows has been Newsom's longtime strategist, Eric Jaye.

With Jaye's resignation from Newsom's gubernatorial campaign, however, that's obviously going to change. Jaye deadpanned in an interview with the Snitch that he probably isn't on the invite list for that for that weekly meeting anymore.

The split between Jaye and the mayor affects more than the mayor's underdog campaign for governor. It means that the svengali many credit (and blame) for some of Newsom's boldest programs and decisions — Care Not Cash and gay marriage, to name a couple — is no longer advising the mayor on municipal policy. It's the equivalent of Karl Rove quitting during the final lap of Bush's lame duck presidency.

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