The Economy's Shit. Let's Get Fluffy A Luxury Bed.

The Katherine Hepburn Pet Bed costs $1,200

​Save up those unemployment checks, because as of yesterday, a new San Francisco-based high-end pet furniture company, Neko Habitat LLC, is open for business. The company's line of snazzy pet beds run $230 to $250, and the business owner, Hitomi Yasuda of Marin County, says her beds give pets the experience akin to “sleeping on a gentle cloud.”

“When I tried to find modern, contemporary pet furniture that expressed just how much I love [my cats] while still staying true to our home's inner decor, I discovered that the pet product landscape was almost entirely barren,” Yasuda said.  

Of course, the landscape isn't exactly barren. In fact, there doesn't appear to be any dearth of items with which to spoil a pet during a recession. Design Within Reach offers the Crypton dog bed for $240, and Chic Paw Beds in Sausalito sells the Katharine Hepburn pet bed for a whopping $1,200. There are plenty of Web sites and stores offering luxury pet scents, outfits, furniture, collars, toys and everything else. There's fucking caviar for dogs.

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