The Full House House Rents For 14K/Month — But What’s The Rent For The Neighbors?

Unless you’ve been living under an Olsen Twin, you’ve probably heard that that the iconic house depicted in the old-school ABC sitcom Full House is now available for rent — for the outlandishly unrealistic sum of $13,950 per month. Yes, for that 14 grand a month you can rent three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a garage and the incomparable 90s nostalgia value of living in the house depicted as the home of the Tanner family and their quasi-paternal bachelors.

Surely the inflated monthly rent is so expensive because it’s the Full House house. But how inflated is it? What do renters pay to live next door the Full House house, or up the street? We noodled around CraigsList  —  and yes, this $14,000 a month rental property is actually listed on CraigsList  — to see how much nearby properties rent for, and how distance from the Full House house affects rent costs.

First, we need to get some housecleaning out the way. The Full House house is not one the “Painted ladies” alongside Alamo Square Park depicted in the show’s opening credits. The Full House house is located in Lower Pacific Heights on Broderick Street. Furthermore, the show was never actually shot at the so-called Full House house. The show was shot at Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles, but exterior shots of this Pac Heights house were indeed used in the series.

So what does it cost to rent a comparable arrangement next to the Full House house, and how does proximity to the Full House affect monthly rent?

Pine & Lyon

Two Blocks From Full House, $7,700 Cheaper

This property at Pine & Lyon is just a soccer ball’s kick from the Full House house, and it costs less than half as much to rent the place. It’s also a three-bedroom, but it’s the lower floor of a flat, so you might have to listen to Comet the dog running around upstairs.

Jackson & Broderick

Five Blocks From Full House, $7450 Cheaper

Here we have another flat, so it’s not a “full house”. But it’s an upper-level flat with a view, and you still get the three full bedrooms, a garage, and the ability for your guests to get their Stamos on during their stay.

Pine & Buchanan

Seven Blocks From Full House, $7,150 Cheaper

This three-bedroom unit that rents monthly, which I did not know people did in the Aibnb era. It’s also a flat, but it’s furnished, has three bedrooms and perfect for Full House tourists making the Hajj.

Pine & Scott

Two Blocks From Full House, $7,955 Cheaper

Finally, a full house that rents next to the Full House house! This two-floor Victorian is a beauty in the tradition of the Full House domicile, comes fully furnished and also has the garage. The only difference is that it’s two-bedroom instead of a three, has minor paint-job details that distinguish it from House Tanner and of course it costs well under half the full price of the Full House.

In sum, the Full House renters will essentially be paying double the rent of their comparable-unit renting neighbors. Surely there is some unique value to having the entire household rather than renting a same-size flat. But that “value” might be more for the landlord than for you.

After all, the Full House house is a single family house that you’d be renting after 1996 — and therefore its tenants are not protected by San Francisco rent control.

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