The Genius of the ‘BART Idiot Hall of Fame’

Online hall of fame brings all the shame to BART’s worst manspreaders, fingernail-clippers, and feet-on-the-seat offenders.

There’s never been much you can do about bonehead behavior on BART, other than ask your fellow rider to be a little more courteous and hope they don’t try to kick your ass.  But one website at least provides BART riders with a little comic relief. The BART Idiot Hall of Fame tracks BART’s most oblivious hooligans, hot messes, and harebrains, and SF Weekly spoke with the administrator of this treasury of rapidly devolving rapid transit behavior.

Image: BART Idiot Hall of Fame


The BART Idiot Hall of Fame has been chronicling BART rider ignorance for more than five years, with standount user-submitted posts like My Hair Requires its Own Seat, She Refused to Stand Up for Me (I am 8.5 Months Pregnant), and even Guy Sitting on the Electric Rail.

Image: BART Idiot Hall of Fame


“It’s therapeutic,” the administrator of the BART Idiot Hall of Fame tells SF Weekly. “It’s an outlet for the many that experience over-the-top similarities during their morning commute. They now have this platform to share what shouldn’t be happening on our public transportation system, which hopefully eases the frustration during the BART Experience.”

The BART Idiot Hall of Fame basically runs on your submissions, with users submitting the hilarious and aggravating photos of their BART encounters. “The site was designed as a turnkey solution that runs itself,” the administrator says. “ Users are able to upload videos, photos, comments without the need of an administrator.  We have custom software in place which scans all incoming posts and processes after a thorough completion, which can take up to 24 hours.”

Image: BART Idiot Hall of Fame


Longtime fans of the site call it “BIHOF”. Ironically, the administrator hopes the site can shame rude riders so much that it eliminates the chronic bad behavior on the transit system.

“Hopefully one day a site like BIHOF is not needed and these issues can be addressed,” the admin tells us. “But until then, fasten your mental seatbelt and enjoy the ride!”

Of course, BART doesn’t really have seatbelts. But it does have idiots! And those idiots have their own Hall of Fame, a great way to kill time during your next BART delay.

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