The Good Folks in the Copper Industry Recognize San Francisco Condo For Its Use of Wonder Building Material — Copper

When it comes to art, the proud ignoramus' credo has long been “I don't know much but I know what I like.” Well, when it comes to arty architecture, the corporate metallurgic behemoths Canadian Copper & Brass Development and the Copper Development Association certainly know what they like — gobs and gobs of copper!

To wit, the two industrial entities have created the Copper in Architecture Awards — a chance to laud worthy structures while promoting the virtues of the 29th element.The Web page also manages to employ text worthy of a 1950s “Tomorrow's World Today!”-type documentary. Read the following in your best announcer voice while imagining scenes of men with NASA technician buzz haircuts pouring molten metal and scouring blueprints to the accompaniment of a Mantovani-type string orchestra: “Historically, copper has long been used because of its great natural

beauty and finish, its performance and durability, and its long service

life and recyclability. Today, copper remains a superior building

material, adapted and utilized for a wide variety of contemporary and

cutting edge applications.”

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