The Most Coveted Job in San Francisco: Tending Bud

You will need to smoke a joint after bud tending….it's a stressful job

It may not be the best job in San Francisco: starting pay is $15 an hour, it's part-time, and job security? The federal government could lock you up at any moment.

On the other hand, at most locations it includes health benefits (including dental), 401k — and employee discount on the store's wares, which just so happen to be medical cannabis.

On second thought, working at one of the city's 26 medical cannabis dispensaries is possibly the best job ever.

This, coupled with the recession — these are the days when people with PhDs fold khakis at The Gap — should make it no surprise that there was a healthy response when Shambhala Healing Center, the city's newest dispensary, advertised for a “budtender” job last week on Craigslist.

Just how healthy? As of Friday afternoon, less than 24 hours after the job ad was posted, Shambhala had received more than 200 applications, according to the dispensary manager, who wishes to be known only as Al.

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