The New Face of SF Halloween: Are you ready to go home early, maybe have the option of paying for booze?

The now defunct Castro Halloween celebration has been officially relocated to SOMA near AT&T park (and the SF Weekly offices, which we assume is not incidental as we have been known to party from time to time. Who has a warm, unopened year-old forty in their cubicle? Us. We do.) Last year, the city told everyone to stay home and just sit and think about what they had done to ruin Halloween, but this year they’ll be telling people to rally for a kid-friendly party that will end early, with the option of attending a pay-for event later in the evening. Whether or not booze will be available has yet to be determined, but rest assured that if it is it will likely reside inside a highly restricted and regulated fenced off area. Woooooo!

Also, events manager Laura Fraenza is consulting with people involved in Carnaval and, um, Burning Man to help shape the event. Because the only thing that makes cavorting with a grown person dressed as a slutty, pink, fluffy cat even more fun is the stinging sensation of being stone-cold sober.

Full Chron article here.

-Andy Wright

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