The New Yorker: 'Chron' Tech Blogger Yobie Benjamin Confuses Water with Industrial Poison

Last summer, San Francisco Chronicle citizen blogger Yobie Benjamin covered the waterfront, denouncing perceived failures in BP's oil-spill cleanup, including its penchant for using the then-controversial oil dispersant Corexit 9500.

“I was disturbed to get another anonymous tip that Corexit 9500 also has

dihydrogen monoxide, but I can't confirm this because Nalco will not

reveal if dihydrogen monoxide is in fact a secret ingredient in Corexit

9500.” he wrote.

He went on to say dihydrogen monoxide was “really bad and nasty stuff” used in explosives

and poisonous compounds that could contribute to mutating DNA,

denaturing proteins, disrupting cell membranes, and chemically altering

critical neurotransmitters.

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