'The Other Guys' Movie Poster has No Guns in Muni Station — But Fully Armed on Muni Buses

Last week, we noted that the movie posters for the predictably low-brow but high-grossing cop comedy The Other Guys had been disarmed by Muni.

While Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are soaring through the air, guns drawn, in the billboard you'll see by the freeway, they're either putting up their dukes or firing off pepper spray in the version you'll see in a Muni station. This is in line with Muni advertising policies forbidding ads that “appear to promote the use of firearms.” It turns out, however, that Muni cares far less about promoting the use of firearms when those ads are on the sides of Muni vehicles, however. Both Wahlberg and Ferrell are packin' heat on the city's bus billboards.

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