The Perils of Policing Facebook Pages

First it was the Islamic extremists. Now it's Mark Zuckerberg who is repressing Salman Rushdie.

On Monday, Rushdie took to Twitter to complain that not only had Facebook shut down his page, apparently thinking it wasn't really his, but that the company then told him he couldn't use the name under which he has written many prize-winning novels because the passport he sent as proof of his identity bore his given name: Ahmed Salman Rushdie.

When he complained, Facebook ignored him, which was when the tweeting began. That got Facebook's attention, and Rushdie got his page restored.

Meanwhile, Facebook has allowed the page “Death to Salman Rushdie” to live on, in all its enraged, illiterate, fundamentalist splendor. Rushdie “deserves to die …. a death wrost [sic] than the death of a dog ….. he must be executed,” according to the page's introduction.

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