The Real Life Superhero Files: Do-Luck

In this week's cover story, we presented The Ray, a Target employee from

Antioch who was arrested in the general strike march in Oakland last

month while acting as a Real Life Superhero. The Ray is far from the

only civilian-turned-comic book hero fighting crime or helping the needy

around the Bay Area.

There are more. Many more.

Here's Do-Luck, a “clumsy” messenger boy by day who dons armor that will make the bullies hurt themselves without him having to lift a finger.

Handle: Do-Luck, borrowed from the name of a Japanese race-car parts company. “It was a choice between the Harbinger and Do-Luck. I didn't want to sound mean.”

Age: 24.

Patrol turf: San Jose.

Costume: Steel armor, which he bought for $153 on eBay from a man who created the Gondor soldier costume from Lord of the Rings. “I'm basically like a walking wall.”

Secret Weapon: The rough edges on his steel armor. “The harder they hit me the more they're going to hurt themselves.” Also the rough edges guard against being lifted up by enemies and thrown around “like a soda can.”

Origin story: By day, Do-Luck is a courier messenger who dreams of being a cop. “I'm a very

clumsy, very dumb delivery driver who makes a lot of mistakes in his

job.” One who has fallen victim to being mugged by bullies, against whom he'd never fight back. “I didn't want to fight. I have plenty of training, but I mentally don't have it. Do-Luck, I created as an extension that's not afraid … I'm talking to you as Do-Luck.”

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