The Real Reason So Many Obama Staffers Are Moving to SF

According to a recent story in Politico, an influx of Obama administration alums has flooded San Francisco and Silicon Valley — especially the top tech firms in each. Why?


  • After years spent giving ordinary Americans healthcare, it’s time to kick back and take away their housing
  • C’mon – have you ever been to D.C.?
  • They want to live someplace where they’ll never have to speak to a Republican again
  • Obama was a “startup president” – whatever that’s supposed to mean
  • Tired of politicians’ bullshit about changing the world, they want to try Silicon Valley’s bullshit about changing the world
  • They tried democracy; now it’s time to give Uber a chance
  • All the good lobbying jobs were taken
  • They were drawn to the siren call of Ed Lee’s business-friendly centrism
  • They find the idea of living outside of an insular bubble terrifying
  • Money, money, money

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