The Sacramento Native Who Helped Foil a French Train Attack Was Stabbed This Morning

Spencer Stone, the US Air Force Airman who got a hero's welcome after helping to foil a mass shooting on a Paris train in August, was stabbed in midtown Sacramento early this morning following a dispute.

[jump] According to the Sacramento Bee, Stone and some friends were bar hopping near 21st and K streets in Sacramento when a “wild melee” broke out. Footage from a liquor store’s security camera captured eight men involved in a confrontation that ended with Stone being stabbed multiple times.
A liquor store employee described the security camera footage to the Bee:

It pretty much just shows the fight in the middle of the intersection. It looks like it is one against six, but you can’t really tell. It looks like a big old scrum and then it looks like someone lunges and everyone disperses from there and there is this discoloration on his shirt and he just walks out of the camera. He walks away from the intersection. I couldn't see any weapon at all. You could see something on his shirt but couldn't really make out what it was.

The suspects fled in a Toyota Camry.

Police don’t consider the incident a terrorist act, nor do they think Stone was specifically targeted.

“It would be wrong to believe this had anything to do with the bar,” Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard told the Bee, referring to the fact that Stone and his friends had been drinking at Badlands Dance Club, a gay bar on 20th and K streets.

Although expected to survive, Stone is currently listed in serious condition at UC Davis Medical Center. 

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