The Snatch: Always Carrying at Least Two Forms of ID

But did he go to fake jail?

A desperate Muni rider was arrested last week after he got busted not just evading his bus fare, but impersonating an officer so that he could evade his bus fare. Two cops inspecting Muni fares on Jan. 7 near Silver and San Bruno streets asked the suspect for his fare receipt. When he wasn't able to provide it, the cops asked for his identification. The suspect then showed them his Department of Corrections sergeant badge. (One of the many perks to being a cop is free transit rides.) When the cops asked the “sergeant” to produce his official peace officer identification, the suspect was stumped. The cops detained the impostor, who asked if he could use the bathroom, then flushed the police badge down the toilet. Fifty-five-year-old Norman Tanner was then arrested and, reportedly, admitted to San Francisco police that he had purchased the badge from a shady person on the street. “During the course of this open and active investigation, police will attempt to determine exactly how many times he used the badge to evade fares,” Officer Gordon Shyy says. The “sergeant” eventually got a free ride downtown.

Bodyguards for bad ideas

It's a story doomed to endlessly repeat itself: A man answers a Craigslist ad from a woman wanting a one-night stand on a bed piled with money. They hash out the details; he arrives with said money, only to be robbed at gunpoint. San Leandro-based entrepreneur Titus Green thinks he can help. His new service, modeled after the new crop of car-hire apps, affords Craigslist customers the opportunity to hire a personal bodyguard for their transactions. As a bonus, some of those bodyguards will double as gadget-testers, to sniff out defective Craigslist products before any money changes hands. Green's service, called The Drop, is not an indictment of Craigslist — especially given that he plans to advertise on Craigslist. The new service launches Feb. 15 and Green promises to personally vet each chaperone, so that you don't have to worry about hiring a chaperone to meet your chaperone.

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