The Snatch: Announcing New Celebrities, Human and Not

Pampered Poultry

A pair of turkeys — Jessica and Anne — dodged their Thanksgiving fate this year after a Southern California turkey lover saved them from a slaughterhouse and treated them the way we all deserve to be treated — with a day at the spa. The lucky birds recently arrived at the home of Karen Dawn, a California animal rescuer, where they were bathed, blow-dried, and massaged. The turkeys were the guests of honor at her Thanksgiving feast in Pacific Palisades, meaning they sat at the table rather than on it. “I do this as a fun way to send a serious message — most people would be unaware that most animal cruelty laws exempt farm animals, and turkeys are not even covered under federal humane slaughter laws — so their lives and deaths for our holiday celebration are unconscionably painful,” Dawn said. Now that the holiday is over, the spoiled birds will be taken to Animal Place in Northern California where they will live and work as “turkey ambassadors,” (yes!) teaching youngsters about turkeys. If you are vegan, or just feeling emotional today for reasons unrelated to meat, Dawn is raising funds for Jessica and Anne's new life in Grass Valley. Mani/pedis and feather extensions aren't cheap.

Batkid for President

It's official: Batkid is more popular than President Obama. Look no further than last week's Chronicle, which pointed out that, despite the president's early efforts to meet San Francisco's favorite superhero during his stop in San Francisco last Monday, 5-year-old Miles Scott, a leukemia survivor, was too damn busy. He wasn't just dealing with Thomas the Tank Engine drama at home. Batkid's schedule was totally booked up with an appearance on Good Morning America — no offense, Obama. Naturally, Chron readers had a field day with this one, leaving comments such as “don't let yourself be pimped — Obamacare did nothing for that child.” We know what you're thinking: “Batkid 2016.”

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