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Seattle Is Pouring With Gay Couples

Perhaps incessant rain is a better backdrop for long-term romance. More likely, though, it's cheaper rents that help keep a family together. Whatever the reason, gay couples are loving Seattle. The Seattle Times claims that gays are flocking to the Emerald City with such frequency that the city “now has the highest percentage of gay-couple households among America's large cities.” The newspaper based its conclusion on new stats from the Census Bureau that show that in 2012, 2.6 percent of Seattle households were gay couples — the highest percentage among the 50 most populous cities in the United States, according to the Times. To put this into context, in 2011, San Francisco was 2.4 percent gay-couple households, while Seattle was 1.7 percent. So there you have it: dumped for Seattle. Fine. Go. That just means more cock-shaped cookies for us.

Bratty Campaign Sticks to BART

If you're a regular BART passenger, you might have noticed these somewhat new stickers appearing on train cars in the last few weeks which, without naming names, refer to the unions as “brats.” While the obvious culprits are BART managers, transit agency spokesman Rick Rice told us that BART was in no way involved in the childish and inaccurate stickers. “We have been seeing and removing those stickers for several weeks,” Rice told us via email. “The District has no idea of the source — it certainly isn't anything we have done or approve of.” That's good news. It would be somewhat distressing to find out that amid a serious dispute over money, the district spent money on a name-calling campaign.

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