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Master is Watching You

Last week, Animal Care & Control announced a new app called Finding Rover, which relies on facial recognition technology. The app sends an alert if a dog is lost or found within a 10-mile radius. If a user spots a lost dog, he or she can take a photo. When the photo is matched to the dog's image on file, the owners are contacted. (The cat version, Finding Pussy, should be even more popular.)

Speed Enforced by Graphic Design

Creepy signage has cropped up along Bay Area highways, warning drivers that their speed is being enforced by armed, unmanned drones. But the signs are reportedly fake, done by a pro who used the same black-and-white reflective material of actual signs. “Along with not having drones, we definitely do not have any drones that would fire any type of weaponry,” CHP Officer Andrew Barclay told CBS News. But the cops do monitor drivers using radar, planes, and helicopters. So, you know, still be afraid.

A Sex Tape Even Pornographers Dislike

Remember that BART sex video that went viral recently? Turns out, even adult entertainers are turned off. S.F.-based online adult retailer GameLink got parental on the couple who recorded themselves getting it on in a BART seat: “We at GameLink love and cherish our city of San Francisco. All of our employees use the BART, and with the current video in circulation, our knowledge of sex, fluids, and what people do in their personal lives, we do not condone this type of behavior. … While we enjoy all different kids of adult movies, both professional and amateur, there is a time and place for that and BART is not one of them.” BART is investigating, and says it would probably ban the couple from, um, riding the train ever again.

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