The Snatch: Well Aware that Crime and Technology Don't Mix

The Great Bike Caper

Of all the awesome things you can get on Craigslist — dirty panties, leftover pizza, and toe-sucking roommates — your stolen bike is by far the best find. A local BART rider was pretty stoked to find her $900 bike for sale on Craigslist, enough so that she formed a plan to get her ride back and nab the crook while she was at it. After contacting BART police, the 44-year-old Oakland woman then contacted the seller and made arrangements to buy her own bike. BART cops coached her through the process, explaining how she could disguise herself and remain calm during the transaction. When the victim met up with the seller, she gave a hand signal, alerting BART cops that it was time to move in. The seller was immediately arrested without incident and charged with being in possession of stolen property. He was also charged with possession of narcotics, an outstanding warrant out of Reno for $25,000, probation violation, and possession of forged identification. According to BART police, the suspect admitted he knew the bike had been stolen. The victim positively identified the bike as hers and used her key to successfully unlock the bike equipment. So there's your feel-good story for the day.

Selfie-Inflicted Wound

Two of Balboa High School students are in serious trouble over a selfie posted to Facebook in which the two teens posed for a picture — in the school bathroom, of course — with a loaded handgun. It's unclear how police determined that the gun was loaded when the two boys took the picture. But that gun and other weapons found at the boy's home — all of which belonged to an older relative — have all been confiscated. Cops determined that they had brought the gun to school for the sole purpose of the lavatory photography opportunity. Following their arrest, the boys have yet to be charged with any crimes. They do face “mandatory expulsion,” however.

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