The Speech Donald Trump Could Deliver to Triple His Support in San Francisco

In 2016, Trump received 37,688 votes in S.F., or 9.2 percent of the total. He can wield his dark magic and go a lot higher.

The following is a partial transcript of President Donald Trump’s remarks at a rally at the Cow Palace on Sept. 19, 2020, hours before raising $2.8 million at a private dinner at the home of Peter Thiel.


Hello, San Francisco. Hello. Am I even in San Francisco? I tell you what, they don’t want me, fine, we’ll stay. We’ll stay right here. San Fran — they say, “Oooh, don’t call it San Fran.” You know what? You know what I’m gonna call it? I’m gonna call it, I’m gonna call it San Fran-sicko. Because that’s what it is. That’s what it is, folks. What did we get here last time, a quarter of the vote?

San Fran-sicko. Look at all you incredible people. They say, “Oh, don’t go to San Fran-sicko, they don’t respect the flag in San Fran-sicko, you got Nancy, you got — believe me, definitely don’t go. Don’t go. Don’t even go to California at all.” You know what? It’s disgusting. You got people doing — you got an open-air drug market right outside City Hall, can you believe that? Can you imagine? This big, beautiful building polluted by animals. Disgusting! We can’t even — completely disgusting. They say, “Oh, make sure you say one nice thing about San Fran-sicko.” Help me out, folks. Help me out. Oh, I like Twitter! Twitter’s in San Fran-sicko. They say, “Lay off the Twitter, Mr. President.” But we won. They didn’t win.

Look, I know you got a lot of — I know Democrats would make this disgusting city the capital.

Your city is overrun. It’s overrun, folks. You hand it to the Democrat Party and it’s over-run. They take out all the parking and they let the cyclists run the light and they let the homeless run around everywhere with needles in their arm, and you got the — disgusting.

Disgusting! And the girl — that beautiful young girl, gunned down in broad daylight. Why? Because Pelosi and the Democrats think the illegals should have all the rights. You don’t have any rights, the illegals have all your rights. Here, you came over across the border three times, four times, five times? What is it, five times? Here, have a — they let illegals vote in San Fran-sicko now! Maybe that’s it. Maybe that’s why we didn’t win California last time, cause of all the illegals. You don’t even know who’s coming in. Look around. That’s it, turn the cameras around. Look around. I know this isn’t San Fran-sicko, we’re right outside of San Fran-sicko, but you think this crowd voted for Crooked Hillary? No. No. It wasn’t you tremendous people. This used to be Ronald Reagan’s state. What the hell happened?

I know. I know what happened. You got a mayor, she’s a very low-I.Q. individual, she’s giving $700 million to these people. She hates ICE. Won’t return a phone call from ICE. They love Obamacare. They had Obamacare before Obamacare. The whole city stops to make sure these people get the money. Your children, your grandchildren, you think they’re gonna do better than you’re doing? Your city is overrun. It’s not yours. It used to be yours until they let it go to hell. Trust me, folks. You want opportunity? You want to be able to buy a house like you could when Ronald Reagan was in charge? You wouldn’t believe the things they’re doing, these people you got running your city.

I know what the fake news media is gonna say. I already know the headlines in San Fran-sicko. They say, “Oh, Trump said this and Trump said that,” and they don’t care. They get it wrong and they don’t care. But maybe I should. Maybe I should. Maybe I should say that your mayor and the Democrats took a tremendous city and let — you don’t believe me? You know how I made all my money. The first time. You know what I built. I’m telling you, I couldn’t build today. I couldn’t build. They can’t afford to build and you can’t afford it either. And it’s yours, folks. It’s yours. You know, I can’t even afford San Fran-sicko. Neither can you.

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