The Tenderloin Has Become Your Own Personal Urinal

The Tenderloin smells like shit — literally.

And if the lingering taste of urine you get in the back of your throat as you walk through the TL isn't enough to prove it, SF Clean City, which cleans Tenderloin streets, can tell you for a fact. The group charted the “incidents of human waste and urine,” between January and

July of last year — somewhere between 600 and 800 incidents a month.

And here is why.

First, everything that goes in must come out, and if there are no public restrooms around, people will piss and poo on the street. As the Chronicle's C.W. Nevius points out in his column today, neighborhood organizations in the Tenderloin do an ace job at providing a gamut of needed services — housing, drug counseling, legal advice, and food.

But they do a lousy job at providing the one thing the Tenderloin desperately needs — toilets.

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