The Week in Gay: Anti-Immigration Laws Bad, Anti-Gay Laws Good

I'm just going to say this once – up front – and then I'm going to move on: The furor raised over the Arizona illegal immigrant law is interesting to watch from my queer perch. I understand the outrage. The nerve of one state threatening to restrict the constitutional rights of a minority – simply because the majority can get away with it (even if only temporarily), sure sounds familiar to me.

But I don't remember hearing all the indignation and outrage as multiple states passed laws restricting the rights of gay people to have legitimate families. Nor was there much turmoil or foot stomping about the multiple states that passed amendments in addition to laws against the recognition of our families.

In news that harkens back to the glorious days of segregation, the Hawaii state legislature passed a bill on Thursday that creates Civil Unions for same-sex couples. The Republican governor isn't sure if she'll sign the bill yet. She's still trying to decide where to install the “gay only” water fountains. Boycott Hawaii! Fat chance.

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