There’s a Lot Going on in SFPD’s Lip Sync Challenge

San Francisco police fit four songs into one three-minute spectacle, including one by Too $hort.

There’s a lip sync challenge brewing among law enforcement and San Francisco has been called into action. The San Francisco Police Department released their on Thursday with a video featuring not one song, but four. And there is a lot to take in.

It all started with a calm, fitting sing-along to “Lights” by Journey, with a group of officers along the Bay by AT&T Park. The next song, Pharrell’s “Happy” was also filmed at a fitting location — Happy Donuts on Columbus Avenue — but it’s where the government-employees-proving-how-fun-they-are awkwardness really starts to show.

The officers in the donut shop appear to be wearing 3-D glasses (why?), and roughly half of them clearly just tagged along for the coffee and donuts. The other half make up for their lack of enthusiasm by fully embracing the lip sync challenge — à la Anne Hathaway.

Exhibit A: the intense facial expressions from one officer dropping the interlude with, “WAIT A MINUTE. This is how the po-po really does it by the Bay.” Cut to officers on motorcycles on the Bay Bridge, pointing and rapping along to “Blow the Whistle” by Too $hort.

The clip cuts to an officer on Columbus and Broadway dancing while blowing a whistle, followed by yet more officers on bikes cruising down Lombard Street. Who else but former Mayor Willie Brown makes a cameo in this segment, giddy with two thumbs up and officers blowing whistles around him?

The wildness dies down with a consistently upbeat group outside the Ingleside Police Station jamming to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

Since the SFPD already has a part-time videographer, police spokesperson Officer Joseph Tomlinson said it came at no additional cost to the department. But it was shot over two days, making us wonder what exactly SFPD could be doing with their time aside from dancing around town with a former mayor. But then again, it’s summer and the world is going to shit, so why not let loose a little?


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