There's a Method to the Madness of Bevan Dufty Officially Declaring Himself a Mayoral Candidate Two Years Prior to the Election

Onlookers may be thrown off when they notice Christmas decor gracing shop windows well before the first day of school. But it's a good bet the merchants aren't just inordinately fond of egg nog and frosty weather — they want to start the jingle bells of cash registers that goes along with Christmas shopping.

Similarly, Supervisor Bevan Dufty has pulled his own “Christmas in September” maneuver by this morning officially filing to run for mayor — a good two years prior to the election. Dufty's concerns are also largely monetary. In a nutshell, he's looking to raise a goodly sum of cash, but won't accept more than $200 at a time, tops. So, naturally, that's going to take a bit of time.

“I don't want everyone to look at me and think 'he's going to ask me for $500,'” the maximum allowable campaign contribution, Dufty told SF Weekly. “Basically, I'm going to start out asking people to give me $100 this year so I can build my organization. Next year I'll ask for another $100. I'll send the message that I'm not going to be controlled by my contributions.”

So, in addition to being “the Muni guy,” Dufty wants to be “the small contribution guy.” Naturally, this takes a little time: Only contributions given to Dufty after April of next year count toward his tally for public funds. He hopes to raise $100,000 or so this year to start funding his operation and then amass the roughly $550,000 next year that'll trigger $1.475 million in matching funds. With a war chest of $2 million, Dufty thinks he can compete — and political analysts SF Weekly spoke to were inclined to agree. 

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