Think Tank's 28 Ideas to Save Muni Millions — Without Fare Hikes or Service Cuts

Unlike March Against Muni, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research didn't take the streets or wield any bullhorns. Instead, they offered actual solutions to Muni's myriad problems. On Friday, the moderate think tank quietly wrote an open letter to Muni CEO Nat Ford, outlining 28 methods of saving the moribund transit agency millions, without resorting to the ubiquitous fare hikes or service cuts that we'll almost certainly see at today's Muncipal Transit Agency Board meeting.

SPUR Executive Director Gabriel Metcalf also recently penned an open letter to Muni's drivers as well — though it's unlikely they enjoyed what he wrote. At Monday's Muni counter-march, drivers' union boss Irwin Lum said “We don't need politicians like Sean Elsbernd” whom he accused of demonizing the union operators. Elsbernd and Metcalf, incidentally, are cooperating on a Charter Amendment to reform drivers' pay and work conditions. So there you go.

In any event, here are some of Muni's 28 points (none of which start with the words “Thou shalt…”):

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