Those “Pot-Fed Pigs” Aren't Getting High, But Possibly Healthier

The Washington state hog farmer whose pigs are fed marijuana trim has been all the rage on the Internet over the last few days.

And with good reason: the barnyard animals who had leaves, stems and roots — the otherwise fit-for-nothing-but-compost leftovers after the selaeable buds are processed — mixed into their feed grew heavier and had meat that was redder and more savory, according to reports. The “grass-fed” pork is a hit with consumers, who bought out all available stock at Seattle's Pike Place Market, Reuters reported.

Must be the drugs, right?

Nope. Raw cannabis doesn't get you high. And for a good reason: it doesn't contain THC. But many claim that what raw weed trimmings do contain are healthy for man — so why not beast?

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