Confirmed: Thrift Town Has Bitten the Dust

Store ownership confirms that Thrift Town is closed, effective immediately.

UPDATE (3/29, 5:31 p.m.): Via an email, Thrift Town’s owners Norquist Salvage Management has confirmed that Thrift Town is now permanently closed “It is with a heavy heart that we share that Thrift Town – San Francisco is closed as of 3/29/2017,” the company wrote. This report has been updated with the full letter and additional information.

The San Francisco thrift shopping community was rocked by a Tuesday night post on Mission Mission that “Thrift town is closing and its final day is Friday March 31st.” SF Weekly dropped everything and raced to the Mission Street and 17th Street secondhand clothing emporium, where both on-duty employees shook their heads in bafflement and denied the report. But at 5:31 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, SF Weekly received confirmation that the rumors are true and Thrift Town is permanently closed.

“It is with a heavy heart that we share that Thrift Town – San Francisco is closed as of 3/29/2017,” Thrift Town’s owner Norquist Salvage Corporation said in an email confirmation, and a letter also posted on the front of their doors. “Thrift Town is a 45-year old family business that is fully committed to our shared vision of making a difference every day.”

Joe Kukura/SF Weekly


“We have proudly been a part of the San Francisco community since 1972, and are grateful for each and every customer who has shopped our fabulous two-story, iconic Thrift Town store located in the heart of The Mission District. The memories are many and nobody is sadder than us.”

“The retail landscape is changing drastically and despite our exhaustive efforts to meet the on-going challenges of increased costs and declining sales, we are unable generate the sales necessary to sustain our long-standing business in San Francisco. We have fought hard to save our beautiful San Francisco store because we deeply believe in our people, our community and our mission. ”

“The building’s ownership has been very helpful and has tried very hard to work with us on ways to keep our doors open including a rent reduction. However insufficient sales and increasing external costs made Thrift Town’s situation unsustainable.”

Joe Kukura/SF Weekly

“Thrift Town is not going out of business.  Its five additional California locations, including two in the East Bay and three in the Sacramento area, will remain open.  Thrift Town also has stores in Texas and New Mexico which continue to thrive.  Thrift Town’s San Francisco employees will be encouraged to apply for positions in one of our other locations should that option suit their circumstances.”

“We greatly appreciate the dedication of our crew and the loyalty of the San Francisco community over these past four and half decades. Together, we have truly made an impact on our local community by keeping millions of pounds of usable items out of our local landfills, and helping to raise over 23 million dollars of much-needed funding for our local nonprofit partners, past and present, including The Arc San Francisco, Lifehouse, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bay Area .”

“We will miss San Francisco, our crew, customers and community greatly. We salute everyone for their time, commitment, dedication and loyalty to Thrift Town over the past many years.”

We will update this article on any additional store closures or other information as it becomes available.

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