Tin Foil and Tweed: Just Another Day In San Francisco

The great thing about San Francisco is that on any given day, you can go for a leisurely stroll in say, Union Square. And, right after the people in tin foil hats leave, the crowd of cyclists dressed as dapper dandies shows up. I say, old chap.

People carrying protest signs (Who Are These Goons?) and wearing hats of all varieties crafted from the crazy persons' preferred material to accompany their strange outfits (one guy was sporting a cape made from what appeared to be a little girl's plastic birthday party table cloth) showed up in the square around 6 p.m. last night. The gathering was connected to a group called the Jejune Institute that's been papering the city with nonsensical fliers  and conducting what is either a game or a serious attempt to re-program our brains.

This guy was sporting a more upscale tin-foil chapeau than others. If his ribbon is to be believed, he was also learning to share.

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